Tax Reliefs - Spouse

Tax Reliefs - Spouse

Tax Reliefs - Spouse

Tax Reliefs/Tax Free Transfer

Between a husband and wife there are few allowances/exemptions, which can be taken advantage of

  • Marriage allowance (maximum of £1,260) can be transferred to the spouse if their income is below £12,570
  • If one of the spouse is a
  • higher rate
  • additional higher rate payer
  • Income which is above £100,000 (reducing personal allowance)

and the other spouse is a basic rate payer then if there is a let property this could be transferred as a gift and there will be no Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty. The lower earning spouse on any rental profit will pay at the basic rate of 20% rather than 40% in tax.

  • If ☝🏽 spouse has a bank/building society account and earns interest then there is the option to apply for a joint account and split the interest equally and used the savings allowance to save sim tax

The higher earner in general can have some Tax Relief

  • Gift Aid into a Registered Charity and claims tick Gift Aid ✅ option
  • Personal Pension Contributions into Registered Pension Scheme ☑️

The Basic Tax Relief band increases, which means more income is subject to the basic rate tax

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