Tailored Accounting Service

Tailored Accounting Service

Tailored Accounting Service

Why use our Accounting firm to assist with your Accounting and Tax Affairs?

We were approached by a new client initially over a free phone consultation but then as they decided to appoint us as the Accountant we had discovered that the previous Accountant had offered a service to complete the Limited Legal Requirements but no further advice or services were provided.

It was clear after receiving the Professional Clearance Information that the Limited Company should have been registered for the 👇

- PAYE: The Limited Company had 2 staff members

- VAT: As the business had exceeded the threshold

- Self-Assessment: As the shareholders will receive in excessive of the tax free allowance

It is not possible to backdate the PAYE without incurring penalties and the client has lost out on the benefit of claiming the Salary as an expense

We are having to work backwards to assess when the company should have registered for VAT and we offer a full and complete service to ensure that the client is made aware of the deadlines and the VAT plus any penalties, which they may be liable to for late registration

Why Choose us?

Our services offered are 👇

Fair ✔

Clear ✔

Transparent ✔

Honest ✔

We make all our clients clearly aware of the deadlines and when the taxes are due by and everything is in writing for clients to refer back to.

If you are search of an Accountant who will provide services specific to your requirements then please feel free to reach out for a free initial consultation

Tel: 0121 285 2534

Web: www.secureaccountsltd.co.uk

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