Self-Assessment Rental Compliance Check

Self-Assessment Rental Compliance Check

Self-Assessment Rental Compliance Check

Self-Assessment Properties 

HMRC have started to target Landlords

Further to my other recent Blogs in regards to this area HMRC have access to a wide range of information from Land Registry, Letting Agents, Lawyers and so on

They are approaching Taxpayers who they believe have let properties but undeclared and have evidence that the Taxpayer is living at another property as a Main Residence 

Some Taxpayers feel that in a certain scenario such as a husband and wife or a couple own 2 properties but live in 1 and the other 1 has been let out that they do not need to declare the rental income as the property is solely in their name

HMRC have the right and will ask for 

- Tenancy agreements

- Utility bills

- Bank Statements

By law there will be late interest applied on Tax, which was due and they will apply late penalties

HMRC have access and know exactly how many properties in owned by an individual 

If undeclared properties then we still may have time to apply through “Let Property Campaign “ as it is better to be unprompted then prompted

If you require further advice and feel that is certain sources of income, which you are unsure whether to declare through a Tax Return, then please feel free to reach out

Tel: 01212852534


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