Self-Assessment Info

Self-Assessment Info

Self-Assessment Info

Self-Assessment Tax Return 23-24

We are proactive and request information, which is specific to each client at the end of each tax year so in this case an email correspondence would be sent around 6 April 2024 or a postal correspondence is sent.

However, we understand that in some cases it would take additional time for the taxpayer to provide the information with examples such as 👇

  • P60 (Mandatory ✅ for an employer to provide by or before 31 May each year)
  • P11D (Has to be processed ☑️ by early July by the employer and made available to the employee to avoid late filing penalties)
  • Pension saving allowance (If in excess of £60,000, the excess will be charged to 40% tax)
  • Partnership Accounts where a Partnership Return has to be completed ✔️ for then the figures to be reflected on the Self-Assessment (Please note a separate late penalty if filed late)

Constant communication 📧 📞 ✉️ is key with each taxpayer to assess their situation and for updates to be provided

If we can be of any assistance in regards to your Self-Assessment, please feel free to contact ☎️

Please note we have contacts with other specialists throughout 🇬🇧 if you prefer someone local

Tel: 01212852534


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