Please be aware that Scams are on the increase and come in different forms such as by

* Email

* Phone

* Face to Face

* Post

* Social Media

Stop 🛑 & thought 💭carefully when making decisions

The focus in this case is on the below for individuals and businesses when investing have to be careful

Property Scams

During the course of purchasing a property it is quite possible especially if most of the communication is done by email rather than a specialist portal that Emails can be intercepted.

This is where someone being the criminal managing to gain access to the email and providing different bank details just before Completion

Neither the Solicitors nor the Banks are doing enough to warn and protect the customers so always have to check over the details and confirm directly with the Solicitors/Conveyancing before arranging the payment

One best advice would be to initially transfer a small amount and confirm if the transfer has been successful then arrange the remaining funds usually into a client account

Investment Scams

Scammers contact through various means

And promise a massive a return in a short space of time 🕰️

Stop 🛑 & thought 💭and do research further into the person promoting the investment and research and ask other experts around whether the investment seems to be legitimate eg. Check online reviews

Biggest risky one is Crypto Investment, currency exchange

One Best advice never invest with anyone who you have never met or have any prior relationship with and even if you decide then invest a small amount and wait for a return before risking any further money but try and avoid as advised unless it is genuinely legitimate

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