October 2023 Deadlines

October 2023 Deadlines

October 2023 Deadlines

Key dates for October 2023

  • PAYE - 6/10/23 PAYE liabilities due by 19/12/23 by cheque or 22/10/23 online
  • VAT - September 2023 Quarter due by or before 7/11/23. Please note if DD has not been set up for the VAT then the VAT payment should be arranged on a working day to ensure it does not clear late

We usually advise and encourage clients to have their VAT completed in this case by or before 31/10/23 to allow

  • Enough time to prepare
  • Review
  • Finalise
  • Arrange any VAT payment
  • Limited Company Year End 31/01/23 due by or before 31/10/23 to Companies House. Initial late penalty of £150 to companies House if filed late
  • Corporation Tax Payment - Ye 31/01/23 due by or before 1/11/23. If fail to pay on time late interest will apply
  • Self Assessment - Tax Return 22-23. Many have their returns filed online and benefit by having an additional 3 months to 31/01/24 but in some cases with some individuals who prefer or still complete a Paper Self Assessment Tax Return the final deadline is 31/10/23 before a late filing penalty is applied

If you have any queries or require any assistance with deadlines above

Please feel free to reach out

Tel: 01212852534

Web: www.secureaccountsltd.co.uk

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