HMRC Support Line

HMRC Support Line

HMRC Support Line

HMRC Support Line

HMRC have been receiving plenty of negative ❌ feedback and publicity over the last few years

However, we have been dealing with quite a few PAYE and Corporation Tax issues on behalf of our clients over the last few months

We can confirm in order to reassure other

  • Accountants
  • Book keepers
  • Tax Advisors
  • Businesses

That the above helplines waiting time 🕰️ are much less ⬇️ and the HMRC Agents are very helpful and supportive 🤓

We note an example 👇 where a client paid incorrectly Corporation Tax using the Corporation Tax reference rather than their Self Assessment, which was due

A phone 📞 call was made to the Corporation Tax office and the issue was resolved ☑️ in a matter of minutes and the payment was swiftly reallocated from the Corporation Tax account to the Self Assessment account

Of course, there are other support lines, which require quite significant improvements but being able to know that all enquiries will not be dealt with in the same manner ✅ can hopefully increase some confidence in HMRC amongst the general community, experts and businesses.

Please feel free to contact if you require any assistance in dealing with HMRC

Tel: 01212852534


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