Employment Expenses

Employment Expenses

Employment Expenses

Employment expenses

HMRC have a list of organisations where subscriptions costs can be claimed

There are other costs which can be claimed such as travel mileage and parking but there are strict rules around this

Self employed have much more allowable expenses to be claimed

HMRC have looked into this before but even more since HMRC have delayed releasing tax refunds to the taxpayers

When it comes to the subscriptions costs

HMRC would like the subscriptions costs to be apportioned over the tax years rather than 

Eg. If paid £415 on 13/3/23 to be included in the tax year 22-23 

This should be apportioned split between 2 tax years in this case 22-23 and 23-24

HMRC will definitely look further into this when a refund is due

If we can assist with your employment expenses claim and advise further

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