Director's Salary

Director's Salary

Director's Salary

📣 Tax efficient salary 23/24 📣

Changes in tax mean the tax efficient salary is more complex than ever before BUT if you have no other income and you are taking small salary topped up by dividend these are the recommended rates -

Option 1- Pay no national insurance

Monthly salary £758.33 Annual salary £9,100

Why choose this option?

✅Qualify for state pension

✅Corp tax reduction for salary taken

✅No monthly payments due to HMRC

Option 2- Optimise personal allowance

Monthly salary £1,047.50 (increase from £992.33) Annual salary £12,570

Only go up to this amount if you are on it with your taxes and will remember to pay this over monthly OR you have staff anyway so already paying HMRC monthly for PAYE / NI.

You still benefit from the state pension at this level and also your corp tax saving increases so marginally better off tax efficiency wise 💪🏻

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