Corporation Tax Updates

Corporation Tax Updates

Corporation Tax Updates

Update: If you are planning to file Ye 30/04/2023 or any Limited Accounts (CT) for a period ending in April 2023 then currently there are issues arising for whichever accounting software that you use as HMRC have not updated their systems just yet. The error arising will look something like this 

"If the type of company is 0 (UK trading or Professional Services or CASC) then an applicable tax rate from one of [FULL RATE OF CT], [FULL RF RATE OF CT], [RF SMALL CO RATE OF CT] or [CT RATE FOR NI TRADING PROFITS] must be used for the second financial year". In the Background HMRC are working on this but there is no timescale for the fix and HMRC are on strike some days during this month, next month and possibly in July. 

 Thank you.. 

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