Child Benefit - Digital

Child Benefit - Digital

Child Benefit - Digital

Child benefit digital

Since the introduction this has always been acted upon through an application form and the process can take up to 6 weeks

With the introduction of digital this can be processed within 3 days

However, please be aware that not everyone is entitled to this specifically when either of the couple who is the parent of the child

  • Earning over £50,000 but less than £60,000 means some of the child benefit claimed will have to be returned back through higher child benefit charge by registering and having a Self Assessment Tax Return being completed
  • Earning over £60,000 means that no child benefit can be claimed at all so after the birth of the child if either of the couple is earning over £60,000 then no application should be made for this
  • Also note that the income is the total Gross Income eg. Employment, self employment, dividends, rental profit and any other income taxable

If you are unsure and would like further advice or tax planning on this matter please feel free to reach out for a free initial consultation

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