Changing Accountants

Changing Accountants

Changing Accountants

Changing Accountants/Book Keepers/Tax Advisors

There are some individuals and businesses who find it difficult to change Accountants

With your current Accountant or Tax Expert if you feel any of the 👇

  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of advice
  • Random fees
  • Lack of awareness in regards to the deadlines
  • Lack of general support

Then it would be fair to say that you require a more efficient service and work with someone who you can trust and grow your business and deal with the Tax Affairs matters

What is a Professional Clearance?

As a Regulated and Qualified Practice we are required to write a Professional Clearance to the Outgoing Accountant who have up to 30 days to respond, however it is advised that the Accountants respond sooner to ensure deadlines such as the Payroll, VAT and so on are not submitted late.

We take the hassle and responsibility away from the client who is planning to come onboard by dealing with all of the necessary paperwork and request in the background and once we have received the information we are in a position to move forward

We try to act as a modernised practice and understand that postal request are much more time consuming and with Emails there could be a size limit so we use facilities such as 👇




To gain access to the information once the other Accountant has uploaded the information using our link that we send

If you are considering a change, then please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation

Tel: 01212852534


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