Book keeping: Desktop vs cloud

Book keeping: Desktop vs cloud

Book keeping: Desktop vs cloud

Book keeping

Cloud vs desktop



  • Cheaper
  • One-off cost
  • Secure on one PC
  • Suitable for small businesses


  • Less flexible
  • Lacking detailed reports
  • Restrictive access
  • Loss of data and backup
  • Current version of software can be outdated quickly
  • Challenge to extract data to cloud at a later stage



  • Online - accessible from anywhere
  • Secure through 2 step verification
  • Detailed reports
  • Automatic software updates
  • Real time information
  • Automated bank upload
  • Integrated with third party apps
  • Invoices automatically updated
  • Provide access to others
  • Secure data online
  • Control of access rights to others


  • Monthly subscription
  • More costly
  • Occasionally unexpected downtime
  • Issues when sharing access and wrong info has been incorrectly manually entered or exported
  • Price increases
  • Some cloud software’s integration with third party apps more than others

As per some of the points highlighted for each it probably is quite clear, which method is more popular and used by Accountants, Book keepers and businesses

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